Adam Edward Ham is a Graphic Designer.


Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Central Illinois born & bred. I spend my days designing anything I can get my hands on at Jones + Thomas and my nights trying to draw or read comics, hang with family and friends, or bing-watch The Wire for the third time.


I try to distill the essence of whatever message into a succinct, easy to comprehend piece that manages to both educate and please the eye. Also, it should look rad.


I like to talk about things. Graphic Design, Comics, Movies, Books, etc. That would go here.


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Life is about having fun and eating Candy.

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Made by hands on keyboards, a mouse, an iPhone 4, a 2008 MacbookPro, a new iPad and a big ass iMac in Coda 2 during the year 2012, shortly before the Mayan Apocalypse.

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employed as a graphic designer at Jones + Thomas in Decatur, IL.

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